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About DripDrops

CBD drops DripDrops are a great way to improve your physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. Our formulae has been developed to provide high quality CBD for an affordable price. Each bottle of DripDrops contains CBD from organically grown hemp and we use the most gentle extraction method, supercritical CO2, to extract CBD directly from the plant. Thanks to this modern method, we get the purest cannabinoids and highest quality product.

Dripdrops contain a wide spectrum of high quality cannabinoids without detectable traces of THC.

Because DripDrops contain a wide spectrum of high quality cannabinoids and no detectable traces of THC, you don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effects or addiction. CBD drops are 100% safe and legal.

DripDrops are manufactured in our own laboratory and regularly tested by the independent public health standards laboratories – NSF and Auquatest. We can therefore guarantee that our cannabinoid ingredients are pure, dissolved in MCT oil, without containing any additives or illegal substances. The MCT oil we use, MIGLYOL 812 N, meets strict criteria used by pharmaceutical companies, where it’s commonly used thanks to its’s excellent binding properties.

In comparison with commonly used oils, MIGLYOL 812 N has superior absorption properties which make it easier to penetrate the cell membrane. It works directly in the liver which can have positive impact on your metabolism and overall heath. MCT oil doesn’t store within body fat, it effectively works as a source of energy and increases the benefits of CBD oil.

DripDrops are tested directly by certified global public health standards laboratories - NSF and are suitable even for professional athletes.

NSF is globally recognized independent organization providing testing, certification and auditing of products in all key industries worldwide. We have chosen NSF due to their great reputation and cooperation with a number of international athletic organizations.

NSF runs their own program certifying dietary supplements to be free from substances banned by major sporting organizations. This means that products are safe and suitable for both athletes and wider public.

According to the independent testing by the NSF lab, our product doesn’t contain detectable traces of psychoactive compound delta-9-THC.

The end to end manufacture of DripDrops is based in the Czech Republic adhering to strict conditions and quality testing.

DripDrops are manufactured in the Czech Republic under strict laboratory conditions and
production methods whilst overseen by qualified professionals.

As the manufacturer, we have absolute control over our production methods as well as the end product. We carefully oversee all stages of the production process – from hemp and MCT oil selection, to final quality testing.

Our drops don’t contain any genetically modified compounds. The biomass of first class American industrial hemp, which comes from our trusted suppliers, goes through a number of tests before it is processed. We make sure that our hemp doesn’t contain any heavy metals and it’s grown organically, without using any pesticides or other chemical substances. Each batch of DripDrops is tested several times.

We are Jarda, Pavel and Kolja and we have decided to change our life style, get rid of everyday stress and be more respectful to our health.

We’re all born in the star sign of Virgo. People born in Virgo are known to be eager to help others, they care about health and are perfectionists in all aspects of their work. We want to bring these attributes to life and help thousands of others.

That’s why we started a new Czech brand of CBD drops – DripDrops. Our aim is to help professional athletes and the wider public whilst providing a safe and affordable product for whoever may need it.