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Dripdrops contain a broad spectrum of high quality cannabinoids without containing any THC. They’re made under strict conditions in our laboratory in the Czech Republic, adhering to strict quality testing.

We are the first Czech manufacturer whose products are tested directly by global independent public health standards laboratories - NSF. We guarantee that our cannabinoid ingredients are pure, dissolved in MCT oil, without containing any additives or illegal substances.

Dripdrops are 100% legal, safe and suitable for both active athletes and the wider public.

Which Dripdrops are suitable for me?

You can choose from 4 different strengths of drops. For preventative use, we recommend to use our lower CBD concentration drops, using smaller dosage and increase it incrementally.

Higher CBD concentration is suitable for dealing with specific health conditions.

As the effect of CBD builds up over time, we recommend regular and long term use use to reach the best results.

Calculate your approximate daily dosage based on your bodyweight.


You can choose from the following strengths of drops:

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 1000 mg


CZK 1 090

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 1500 mg


CZK 1 390

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 2000 mg


CZK 1 690

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 3000 mg


CZK 2 290

CBD drops DripDrops are a great way to improve your physical health and overall wellbeing. Our formulae has been developed to provide high quality CBD for an affordable price. Each bottle of DripDrops contains CBD from organically grown hemp and we use the most gentle extraction method, supercritical CO2, to extract CBD directly from the plant.

How can Dripdrops help me?

The benefits of CBD have been confirmed by both users and scientists who have been researching CBD. CBD drops can treat sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

They help with stress, anxiety and depression and can ease the intensity of migraines. They also help with digestive issues and have positive impact on your cardiovascular system, skin quality and immune system.

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and helps with overall physical and mental rejuvenation.