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Dosage and Use

As the positive effects of CBD build up over time, we recommend regular and long term use to reach the best results.

Calculate your approximate daily dosage based on your body weight.


You can choose from the following strengths of drops:

There’s no known “correct” dose of CBD. Dosages may vary based on your:

Drops are suitable for both oral and external use.

For preventive use, we recommend to use our lower CBD concentration drops, using smaller dosage and increase it incrementally. Higher CBD concentration is suitable for dealing with specific health conditions.

When using CBD for complex and severe health conditions, always consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 1000 mg


CZK 1 090

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 1500 mg


CZK 1 390

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 2000 mg


CZK 1 690

DripDrops Premium CBD Oil 3000 mg


CZK 2 290

CBD drops DripDrops are a great way to improve your physical health and overall wellbeing. Our formulae has been developed to provide high quality CBD for an affordable price. Each bottle of DripDrops contains CBD from organically grown hemp and we use the most gentle extraction method, supercritical CO2, to extract CBD directly from the plant.


Broad Spectrum CBD and MCT oil MIGLYOL 812 N. We prefer to use Broad Spectrum to Full Spectrum oil as it doesn’t contain unwanted compounds. Broad Spectrum CBD contains CBD, CBN and CBG, however it doesn’t contain any THC.

Our product is safe and suitable for the wider public.

We are more than happy to help you select the right strength of Dripdrops or answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.